Wednesday, 29 April 2015

London 4 Lyf.

So I am totally obsessing over London at the minute. Recently I have been travelling to London and back on quite a regular basis, and although the travelling gets tiring I am always over the moon when I get the chance to be there. Obviously being British London is just a huge deal, it's our Capital city after all. But London is more than that to me. There is just something about it.

Everywhere you go in London there is always something to explore, to learn or to appreciate. Around every corner there is some hidden treasure to find. On every street there are SO MANY people with so many different personalities and persona's. OK maybe this is just a 'city thing' to some, but I live in a small town where everyone knows everyone, which I'm sure you can imagine has it's downfalls, and where if I'm honest, nothing exciting ever really happens. I lived in Liverpool whilst I was studying at University and although I loved Liverpool, I dunno, London life just feels right. I long for the hustle and bustle of the tube, admittedly at 8:30am rush hour it's not the most pleasant experience but it is, however a rather spectacular sight. All of those people, with different personalities and persona's rushing around, trying not to spill their Starbucks double shot lattes (that they must have to see them through the day) on their papers for the morning meeting or last minute cramming on their MacBooks whilst blaring out their latest favourite Spotify playlist for the whole carriage to hear. London is a crazy busy place, but if you stop and look around you, there is so much to be excited about and to appreciate.

Some of my recent visits to London, with much more to come. LONDON I LOVE YOU.
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