Friday, 17 April 2015

New Actors Headshots Babbbyyyy!

So a few weeks ago I travelled to Islington, London to have new actors headshots taken with a well known photographer Philip Wade. Headshots can be a stressful time for actors, the last time I had headshots done I had a meltdown afterwards because I didn't like my eyebrows on the shots! NIGHTMARE I know.

So in preparation for my new fancy London headshots I had my eyebrows done a couple of days before, ORGANISED... Attempted to have a couple of early nights prior to the shoot (I'm pretty much nocturnal) but I did try! And also drank lots and lots of water, a couple of tips that photographers advise prior to their clients having their headshots done.

I chose to go with Philip partly because my agents recommended him but also because his work is
impressive and his prices are reasonable, especially for a London photographer. The whole shoot was a pleasurable experience from beginning to end. Philip was easy going but very professional. On arrival we discussed what type of looks I wanted to create and how we could achieve these looks using different clothes and hairstyles etc. The shoot lasted around 2 hours and throughout I felt comfortable and relaxed, which I believe played a massive factor in the outcome of my shots, which you can view below.

If you're an actor looking for new headshots I urge you to take a look at Philip Wade!
Checkout more of Philips work here... Tea and chocolate chip cookies were on offer throughout the day, a lovely touch!

You can also check out the rest of my headshots here on my spotlight page here!

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