My name is Natalie – welcome to my new blog! I am a 24 years old and have recently graduated University in Liverpool with a degree in Drama. I am extremely passionate about the creative industries including Fashion and Music and I am OBSESSED with Social Media. I work in Marketing at the minute which cool because I get to put my creativity to good use! Through my blog you will find some of my latest loves from music to fashion, inspirations to wish lists and whatever else I am currently crushing on.

As for the name Made in China, well there's a cool fact behind it. Coming from a military background my family travelled the world and I had the privilege of being born in Hong Kong... I was lucky enough to live there for almost 3 years, I can't actually remember any of it BUT I have been on The Great Wall of China, in a push chair... So that's cool right? I haven't been back to visit Hong Kong yet, but I plan on doing so very, very soon!
I love fashion, beauty, music, festivals, coffee, acting, dancing, make-up, fitness, cats, social media, being tanned, food, my phone and people.
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