Friday, 24 July 2015

Throw back Thursday - Geordie Shore!

Today's throw back Thursday goes to a small acting job I did back in March for the new promo advert for season 10 of Geordie Shore! Auditions for this role were held in the fantastic Camden Town in London at the MTV headquarters, the audition was so much fun and I landed the job! I was so excited to be working with MTV and the Geordie Shore Cast.

I spent a day filming in a studio somewhere in Angel, Islington. The whole day was an eye opening and amazing experience. All of the actors were very well looked after by MTV Crew and the cast were so friendly. I laughed for a lot of the day as I'm sure fans of the show can imagine! My role for the advert was the role of 'Gaz Girl 1' fans of the show will also understand what that pretty much means... For this role I 'had' to kiss Gaz on screen, ALOT! And to be perfectly honest it was easy because I was made to feel very comfortable by Gaz and the crew, we had a right laugh, something I won't forget in a hurry. I also got involved in a party scene at the end of the advert with the whole cast and some other actors which was loadssss of fun.

You can check out the advert below... And yes, I am the chavved up looking girl in the pink velour hoody.

Let me know what you think of the advert or if you're a fellow actor yourself.

P.S. The kissing noise is a sound effect!!! I never live that one down.
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