Sunday, 29 November 2015

Spontaneous Sunday

Hey guys, so I have been a little inactive recently but I'm back with some exciting things to share with you all! So basically just over 5 weeks ago on a boring normal Sunday I decided to randomly book a flight to Thailand to surprise one of my best friends (Megan) who was currently travelling with her boyfriend. Two of my friends were already going out for 3 weeks to meet Megan, which had been planned for ages... I was supposed to be going with them but when they booked back in March I said that I couldn't commit to it, yeah I know what a fool. The closer my 2 friends flight date got I was getting more and more anxious and agitated, seeing them oh so inspiring travelling quote pics everywhere on my Pinterest like 'Go find yourself' strategically placed in front of a map, drove me insane, EVERYTHING was telling me to go. See I was at that time in my life where I didn't have a stupid amount of bills, I wasn't in a serious relationship and I was very 'in the middle' of what I was doing work wise after leaving Uni. So what on earth was I doing sitting about?!?!?!?!

So I started looking seriously for flights, I didn't tell anybody I was even thinking about going except my parents and the two friends that were already going to visit Megan, just in case it didn't happen. For a couple of days the chances seemed slim, flights were almost double the price of what my friends paid and they were ridiculously long, like two days. Then on a typically British rainy Sunday afternoon I was flicking through Skyscanner when I stumbled across a seat on the same flights as my two friends, I couldn't believe it, my friends had told me that their flight was full! I literally convinced myself it was fate and booked it. I was so excited and happy that I was actually doing it, it was probably the most spontaneous thing I have ever done... With booking it so late I had just 2 weeks to scrape together as much money as I could, buy a backpack, bikinis and getaway essentials, have vaccinations done and get my ass to Thailand to surprise my best friend!

And after 2 weeks of panic, excitement and stress everything just seemed to come together and before I knew it my 2 friends and I were on our way to Birmingham airport to begin our adventure.

In just 3 weeks I took 6 flights, around 10 boats/ferries, countless Tuk Tuk and taxi rides, about 8 coach journeys and I stayed in 6 different hotels/guest houses/beach huts. I kissed and rode an elephant, snorkeled and kayaked on the Gulf of Thailand, ate fried crickets, 'saw a ping pong show', got an amazing tan and so much more. I can honestly say that my time in Thailand was one of the best times of my life and I would recommend it to E V E R Y B O D Y !

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